New Video Segment on YouTube

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Here’s my second video, where I discuss rafting through the Grand Canyon, bicycling across the United States, and climbing the vertical face of Mount Whitney.

Thanks to all for the great response to my first novel. I enjoy reading your comments about the book on Amazon, particularly the one about making my novels into movies. Who do you think is the best actor to play the role of Ethan Spaulding?

Work on the second book has begun. I’m shooting to get it out by this summer, and am excited about where it will take the characters next.

Ethan Spaulding and The Collectors now available at Amazon

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Ethan Spaulding and The Collectors, by Mike MeyersMy first published novel Ethan Spaulding and The Collectors is now available on Amazon! It’s a Kindle ebook, and you can download it to any Kindle device or devices with the Kindle reading app installed (free).

In case you are wondering what it’s about, here is a description.

Ethan Spaulding has had a run of bad luck and is trying to work his way out of it. He just wants to pay off his debts so he can go back to designing simulations and building nano-organic robots. Then a stranger offers him a one-of-a-kind opportunity; a job that would allow him to put all of his skills to work extracting famous historical figures from the past. But Ethan learns the job comes with a price, and technology can be both beneficial and dangerous.

Ethan Spaulding and The Collectors is the first in a series of novels about the adventures of Ethan Spaulding.

So check it out and let me know what you think!

Thanks to all who have inspired and encouraged me on this journey.